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Angelique Morrill, Wasatch UniServ

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Angelique was appointed to fill an unexpired term beginning July 29, 2016, to represent the Wasatch UniServ on the UEA Board of Directors. The Wasatch UniServ covers Murray, Salt Lake and Tooele School Districts.


  • Currently teaching fifth grade at Newman Elementary in Salt Lake School District.
  • 18 years teaching experience.

Association Leadership Experience

  • Association Representative at Newman Elementary.


What I learned about the UEA that surprised me:

The Association is real people, real teachers.

What I value most about the Association:

The support and professionalism.

How members might begin to be more active in the Association:

Join in the action. Promote all the good our Association does.

Professional Development Reports

2018 NEA Leadership Summit (March 16-18)