Welcome Back to School!


For those in traditional calendar schools, welcome back! The summer seems to wane more quickly with each passing year giving way to my favorite season, autumn. I love the crisp mornings, the colorful panorama painted by nature and the return to school.

I have been visiting with new educators and Association Representatives throughout the state. Over and over I hear them speak of the excitement at beginning a new school year, the commitment to our children and the dedication to the profession of teaching.

It was more than ten years ago as I was preparing for school that Mark and two of his buddies managed to get into the school and down to my classroom. Mark vigorously walked into my classroom and said, “Hi, I am going to be in your class and I am trouble.” My reply was, “Hi, I am Mrs. G. and I am your teacher and I’m trouble too.”

Mark just stared at me with his eyes wide and was speechless. His buddies were giggling in the background. Then I said, “So Mark, I guess it will be double trouble for us this year.” We both broke into laughter. That small moment set the stage for what would be a challenging year filled with growth and, yes, some trouble, too. Mark made significant progress both behaviorally and academically.

Throughout the state of Utah in hundreds of classrooms this kind of student-to-teacher interaction is occurring, paving the way for positive relationships and academic growth. We know we make a difference for our students. We know our profession is a noble one. We know teaching is complex and requires significant skills. We are the education experts. We are teachers.

It is an honor to represent each of you and to work on behalf of our students and our profession. Thank you for your dedication and your commitment to our students, our profession and our Association.


Gov. of Mass. after Mitt

Date Posted: 9/9/2012 12:31:10 PM
Name: Trudy Henderson

Listen to Gov. Patrick who came right after Mitt in Mass. Horrible education cuts during Mitt's years and part of the reason he couldn't get elected to congress. Those facts are on the books and true.

For Obama

Date Posted: 9/8/2012 1:41:14 PM
Name: Connie Sorensen

Hi Gladys, I am in support of Obama and let me tell you why. I feel strongly that Obama is headed in the right direction. He has been trying to assure that the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes to support public entities(such as public Ed). The republican platform is to privatize education which will create an education for the 'haves' and 'have nots'. Romney is in support of cuts to taxes for the wealthy and he is also in support of privatizing education. He has also said on his campaign trail that classroom size does not matter! He also has bashed teacher associations which really are only working for the benefit of our students. As far as the money, there are few professions that are receiving pay increases. In fact, the model that Romney bases his economic model on is what happened to my husband recently as a worker in the private sector. This private company cut my husband and several others who had worked there the longest, not because they were not performing, but because they were on the high end of the pay scale. What happened to loyalty and experience? Is this really the way we wish to go in education? I really encourage you to come to the UEA convention this year to get a better understanding. The opening speaker will be Lily Eskelson and she will most likely address why we as educators should support Obama.

Not Obama

Date Posted: 9/6/2012 8:51:51 PM
Name: gladys hamilton

What has Obama done for education in four years? I have 28 in my second grade class, I have not made a a cent more money for the past four years. I get less time off this year because budgets are so tight. Why do you think anything will change. One of Romney's core value is education. He will fund education heavily.


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